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Saying goodbye, the way your loved one would want

A Caring and Compassionate Team that Can Help with Eco-Friendly Funerals and Natural Burials

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Respecting nature, the environment and your loved one’s wishes

As the world becomes more aware of human environmental impact, the requests for a natural burial or eco-friendly funerals are becoming more popular. Choosing a burial plot in woodland, opting for a biodegradable coffin, and choosing sustainable memorials are all options to consider if you are thinking of a greener funeral option.

At Derwentside Funeral Service, we have four funeral homes, and we cover the communities of Annfield Plain, Rowlands Gill, Consett, and Stanley. We always respect the wishes of the deceased and the deceased’s friends, family, and loved ones, and our eco funerals are no exception. We can help you to minimise the impact on the environment when the time comes to say goodbye.

Our funeral directors will take you through all the options available for a natural burial, or eco-conscious funeral, and we help you to make well-informed decisions. Get in touch with us now to find out more or just to chat with our caring and compassionate team.

A local funeral that is kinder to the environment

At Derwentside Funeral Service, it doesn’t matter what kind of funeral you choose. We respect that people are unique and they deserve a unique send off, tailored to their wishes and respectful of their loved ones. Eco friendly funerals are no exception. We can provide you with a range of natural and greener options for a funeral service and ensure you are aware of the financial aspect as well as the environmental impact. Our eco-funeral services include:

• No embalming

• Natural burial

• Sustainably produced coffin with biodegradable options

• All paperwork taken care of

• Cremation if requested

For further information or to talk to one of our dedicated team members, please contact us at one of four locations

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Bespoke services to make your goodbye special

Our team of funeral directors are here to cater to all circumstances, and we understand that there are no ‘one-size fits all’ options when it comes to funerals. We work with you to understand how special your loved one was and to respect their funeral wishes. Our eco-friendly funeral options can be tailored to suit your needs, it could be that you want to make the service a little greener by opting for a short service, without any paper, or you may want to look at a sustainable made and biodegradable casket?

Whatever you are considering, a friendly chat with our team will help you understand all your options.

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If you would like to view information on our other funeral options, please use the links below or get in touch with our team to speak to us directly. We are here to help you whenever you need us.

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If you would like further information about an eco-funeral, talk to the caring and compassionate team at Derwentside Funeral Service

Call us on 01207 234 444

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