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Providing a dignified and thoughtful goodbye

Talk to Us About Direct Cremations, Bespoke Funerals and Cremation Service

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Respect your loved one's wishes for a cremation, with our care and support

If you would like to hold a cremation service for your loved one, there are several local crematoriums to choose from, with each one providing a unique, and special place to say goodbye and respect your loved one's wishes for their funeral.

At Derwentside Funeral Service, we are here to help guide you through your options and can help you chose the location and type of service that you would like. We handle everything from direct cremations to religious services, and can even help with music, flowers, caskets, and webcasts for family and friends that may not be able to attend the cremation and service in person.

Our team of caring, compassionate staff members have been helping to arrange cremations and funerals since 1981 and with 4 funeral home locations, we work with Crematoria across Annfield Plain, Rowlands Gill, Consett, and Stanley.

Cremations aren’t all the same, talk to us about making your loved one’s service as special as they were

Direct Cremation
A direct cremation is an affordable alternative to a traditional, full-service funeral and is often arranged with minimal fuss and few mourners in attendance. At Derwentside Funeral Service, we ensure that we do not compromise on the quality of care when a direct cremation is requested, and still respect all the wishes of the deceased and their family.

Cremation with religious service
A cremation can be arranged for a loved one who wished to have a religious service and funerals can be held in a local crematorium or a local church. Our funeral directors are on hand to ensure transport and services are organised and well and you can concentrate on saying goodbye to your loved one in the way you wish.

Non-religious service and cremation
A funeral service doesn’t need to be religious, each send-off is unique and special, and at Derwentside Funeral Service, we are here to ensure that happens and help care for you and your loved one every step of the way. Talk to us about your bespoke wishes and allow us to give you a guiding hand to pay your respects and create the perfect send-off.

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Helping to make each funeral unique, personal, and respectful

Arranging a cremation can be made simple when you have the dedicated and caring team from Derwentside Funeral Service on hand to help. Not only can we take you through the different options for services, but we can also work with your unique financial circumstances and your bespoke wishes for your loved one’s cremation.

We provide transport options to the crematorium, unique caskets, compassionate care, and everything you would want to make the service special, including flowers and music. We can also ensure that your loved one’s ashes are treated with respect, and we offer urns, monumental masonry and unique jewellery options for remembrance. We have local funeral homes in Stanley, Annfield Plain, Consett and Rowlands Gill, and we are only a phone call away, so please reach out when you are ready.

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If you would like to view information on our other funeral options, please use the links below or get in touch with our team to speak to us directly. We are here to help you whenever you need us.

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To speak to our funeral planners about a direct cremation or a bespoke funeral with cremation, call Derwentside Funeral Service on

01207 234 444

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